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    Default UnStoppable WhirlWind, a Cycler with unstoppable earnings

    BRAND NEW Passive Income opportunity with a 100% Hands Off compensation plan.

    UNSTOPPABLE Whirlwind
    The Passive Unstoppable Whirlwind

    The Solution:

    UNSTOPPABLE Whirlwind

    Remember that timing does matters in this opportunity.

    You can join any time when it launches but the faster you join, THE BETTER and

    the faster you start to earn.

    Save funds on your account STP or PayZa (Credit Card accepted on Both).

    Here are some details about the Program :

    Main featuers of the program.

    Make Over $500 from Every $1 Ad You Buy!<=== WOW
    $1 Daily Ad Subscriptions Access Powerful Daily Advertising!

    Sponsoring does not fill your 2x2, therefore, it is not a
    requirement to earn!

    Over $50 in Sponsoring Bonuses are Rewarded throughout the
    6 Whirlwind Phases!

    You Earn Each Time Your 2x2 Grid is Filled in 6 Different Whirlwind Phases!

    But Wait, there is something that will put YOU in control of
    more cycling! AND MORE MONEY!!! Can't wait for you to see it!

    75% Cash Out: 25% Repurchase Standard to Put YOU in Control of More Cycling!

    But Wait... What Happens to Those Cycled Whirlwind Positions?

    Good question! It builds a revenue stream that proportionally feeds the cycling. And if that was not enough, we took it one step further for our members. There are 3 advertising revenue streams. It is all part of the perfect balance created by our long-term pay plan. Yes, we have even MORE in the pay plan pipeline for YOU! This is really UNSTOPPABLE, and quite different from anything you have ever seen.

    Are You Ready to Start Making Money? Just 4 Simple Steps...

    Step 1: Sign up Now

    Login and Decide Your Daily Subscription (The maximum is currently 50. This will increase after pre-launch).

    Step 2: Each $1 DAILY AD subscription will determine the amount of support you will give to build each Whirlwind Phase. You are required to maintain your daily subscriptions, or you will forfeit ALL your positions. With every $1 Grid position you own, you can earn up to $517.50. Once a sub is created, it can not be deleted. Please make your advertising purchases with extreme care.

    Step 3: Fund Your Cash eWallet (Reserves are Recommended). The minimum funding is $15. The safest rule of thumb for determining your reserves is 1-2 months per $1 Daily Ad Sub. It is not advisable to fund your reserves based on another member's experience in cycling.

    Step 4: (Optional): Refer others if you would like to receive Sponsor bonuses. Referring is "Not Required" to earn. You can earn passively as your 2x2 Grid fills.

    If you love the GoldenPath then you will go crazy over this
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    Hello, UWW Members!

    We just wanted to give you an update on STP. It is still not up for many members, as it seems they are upgrading their servers.

    We will resume STP payouts as soon as their site is up and running. Some members who were using STP have reported that their accounts are short of funds for their daily subs as they are unable to transfer money from STP. We have put a temporary hold on turning the positions pertaining to these accounts into whirlwind to enable these members to put funds in their UWW ewallet. Please ensure that your accounts are funded as soon as possible.

    A friendly reminder, you may only withdraw to the processor used to fund the majority of your ad subs. We will cancel your request if it does not meet our withdrawal guidelines. We know you understand the importance of balancing funds and respect our standard procedures.

    We are looking forward to announcing the Doppler this week. Last week, we enhanced our systems to handle the new Doppler volume. The wait will be well worth the accelerated cycling for everybody. More details will come in our next email. The Unstoppable Whirlwind is designed with your long-term success in mind. We are dedicated to making it the best program for our members. The UWW is about to go where no other cycler has gone. Make sure all your friends are in before we unleash the Doppler!

    The Unstoppable Whirlwind Admin Team

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    New Update for UWW this is a great time too get in!! before the winds BLOWWW!

    You all know how important maintaining reasonable cycle times out of Grid 1 contributes to the long-term success of UWW. We have always planned for the growth of UWW, and its cause and effect. During
    Phase 1

    of our growth stage, we were building The Doppler to offset our growth.

    So what is the Doppler and how does it influence your cycling times? The Doppler was built into the system to create massive cycling at various times during the month. What you will experience during The Doppler feed will be the strongest winds possible from all of the Admin's strategic planning. This added equation to the UWW system will be the largest push in the industry. As soon as STP gets their site in running order, we will release the power of The UWW Doppler. It is going to blow you away!

    While building The Doppler, we enhanced the Compensation Plan. This expansion will pay MORE into your pocket and increase daily cycling times! We will be raising the sub limit to 150 so you can take advantage of all these positive changes to UWW.

    On a final note, our BOOST to the Compensation Plan means you need to use up your Repurchase balance immediately. Many UWW members are not using their balance. We are going to put this 25% to work for the entire membership in the future. Now is your chance to use what you have in your Repurchase Balance before we adopt the Advanced UWW Compensation Plan for Phase 2.

    The Unstoppable Whirlwind Admin Team

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    Phase 2 of our Amazing Compensation Plan is Here! Yes, you wanted more money on the initial Grid cycling, and we listened. We have BOOSTED our compensation plan for you. You will see even more cycling and more sustainability through the initial Grids, while still maintaining massive payouts at higher levels. We have covered everything that you wanted, and even delivered MORE! Members wanted more and more at levels 2, 3 and 4 for sustainability and we just did the same. The BOOST to the UWW Compensation Plan for you makes it amazing and will take immediate effect!
    Here are the highlights of the Enhanced Compensation Plan:
    (A) Members' Payout:

    Grid 1 - $1 (a $.37 net reduction)
    Grid 2 - $4 (DOUBLE Your Payout!)
    Grid 3 - $11 (Almost TRIPLE Your Payout!!!)
    Grid 4 - $20 ( DOUBLE Your Payout!)
    Grid 5 - $100 (No Change)
    Grid 6 - $300 ($100 Reduction)

    (B) The Only Changes to the Sponsors' Payouts are:

    Grid 2 - $0.50, Grid 4 - $2 (DOUBLE Your Payout!) and Grid 6 - $30
    Sponsor Payouts remain unchanged for Grids 3 and 5

    (C) The Most Exciting Enhancement will be Increased Cycling Times!

    You will have more cycling on an ongoing basis. We will be using 25% of the earnings for the entire system for the Whirlwind Account. More and more Whirlwind Positions will be poured into the system creating massive cycling. Why are Whirlwind Positions more powerful than One-time Purchases or Re-entries? It is very simple, Whirlwind Positions can be 100% compounded to make them grow as the Grids grow. You can not compound Re-entries and One-time purchases. We know this BOOST will accelerate cycling for you. It is a BOOST that ensures decreased cycling times in the future.

    With this BOOST, we will no longer be using the repurchase rule, making UWW completely passive for members. Many UWW members were not using their Repurchase balance for their One-time Purchases. Please use the existing Repurchase balance lying in your account in the next 48 hours or the system will automatically credit One-time Positions to your account.

    (D) As communicated earlier, Founders will be credited the Founders Reward without any changes.
    We can not wait for you to feel the Doppler and its coming your way at 11 AM EST. It is an industry game changer. It can not be duplicated. It is our mathematical forethought to ensure your future cycling at UWW. It's going to get really windy. Are you ready to make MORE money with the Boosted Compensation Plan? Let's go!

    The Unstoppable Whirlwind Admin Team
    P.S. The graphics and text on UWW Website will be suitably modified within 24 hours

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