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    Hello, I want to show you one really good manual surf site. I'm not the admin btw.

    This is really one of a kind manual surf.

    - unique design
    - lots of ways to earn cash
    - lots of members
    - lots of games

    If you need traffic, refferals, cash .. this is your site.

    There is $1 sign up bonus and 1 week Pro update.
    If you surf 50 pages for 5 days you will have Super surfer update and if you continue surfing 50 pages each day you'll have this update forever..

    In this site there are lots of ways to earn.
    While you surfing there is a board game and evry day there are different prizes.
    For example:
    Cash on Monday
    Treasure Chests and Keys on Tuesday etc.

    From the Treasure Chests you can earn cash too..
    Also you can earn Rapid win picks that you can use in the Rapid Game.
    RAPID GAME is a Lotto , Jackpot game and someone earn every five minutes !!!

    And so much more and so much more..

    As a free member:

    Timer 10 sec
    Commission 10 %

    But with Super surfer update:

    Timer 8 sec
    Commission 30 %
    And this totally free .. just surf 50 pages a day

    Pro update

    Timer 6 sec
    Commission 30 %

    Payment proof:

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    Thanks for your infos and we will consider this matter.

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