Do you have Paypal account with a positive balance and need to Cashout stucked Fund?

Do u have Paypal Account with Limited Access ???
Is it over 180 days old?
Did u recive the email to withdraw funds?
Do u have more than 100$ in your account?

If all "YES" send me a message from contact us or knock on live chat , i can cash out from your forgoten paypal account

How will i pay - PayPal,Neteller , VCC , LR ( For LR ,Additional exchange fee applies )
How long will it take? - 3 - 5 Days
How much i charge?

50 - 100 - 60%
101 - 300 - 55%
300+ - 50%


1. 180 days older paypal
2. Don't ask me to pay first
3. Sometimes the process fails due to paypals failed transfer, if such case we are not responsible.
4. Don't ask to cashout hacked account, I will block your contact

Details -
The account must have a positive balance , prefferably 100+
Please note, if the account is limited, 180 days (6 months) must have passed since the limitation.
Sometimes this only takes 45 days, message me for details.

You will receive the remaining balance, as soon as the funds clear.
I will follow up with messages at least once a day.
You will get and payments as quickly as possible.

This service is available for every country in the world.
This is a one time deal, if you need ongoing withdrawals, please message me.
I will not give you cash up front. Don't ask.

If you need a different form of payment, just ask.
Accounts must be yours, I will not cashout hacked/stolen accounts.
Please message me to get started!

You may add me in skype live chat for contact too : miskat.thamid.aziz
To attend live chat or see further details , visit: