The FBS company provides the latest promo :

"Take deposits from InstaForex and get 50% bonus to your accounts!"

To get the bonus:

  1. you need to send your statement that proves you have WD from Insta and deposits to FBS
  2. send an email to [email protected] with your account number in FBS. (if you not have FBS account you must create a FBS account first)

Due the instaforex statement:
Nevertheless, the company's management has considered that a lot of partners and customers used Liberty Resserve for funding their accounts and made a decision that Clause 7.7.1 of the Public Offer Agreement should be exercised in the following way:
1. Withdrawal of the funds deposited through Liberty Reserve is restricted for 6 months starting from May 30, 2013;
2. Since November 30, 2013 the withdrawals will be available, provided an account was used for trading during these 6 months;
3. Since November 30, 2013 at processing the withdrawal request, InstaForex shall deduct from an account 50% of all the funds deposited through Liberty Reserve. The amount of a requested withdrawal should include this deduction.

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Dont waste your time!! its time to WD your money from instaforex and joint with FBS!!

They will guarantee your money:
Liberty Reserve payment system is still not available
Monday, May 27, 2013 - 14:00
Dear traders!

Due to the fact that Liberty Reserve payment system is still not available, financial operations through this payment system are not processed.

All the deposits made via Liberty Reserve are safe and stored on FBS segregated bank accounts. If you deposited your FBS trading account via Liberty Reserve, you may easily withdraw your funds any time using the following options:

• Webmoney (amounts from 1 to 100 USD)
• Moneybookers (amounts from 1 to 100 USD)
• Bank Wire Transfer in USD (over 100 USD)
• Local Bank Transfer in IDR (any amount)

Please note that all customers’ deposits are safe and available to be withdrawn any time. You may also continue your trading using your accounts which were deposited through Liberty Reserve payment system. Present withdrawal conditions will be invariable.

You may also deposit your account using any other most convenient payment option.

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