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ProBux : Welcome To ProBux!

What we offer:
- 1 cent per click
- 100% Downline Earnings
- 7 to 10 Ads Per Day
- Enchanced Surfing
- $12.00 Payout Threshold
- AlertPay and E-Gold only

Explains why PayPal is not used
As you can see, we are currently not accepting PayPal. The reason is because PayPal has changed their terms to disallow the use of transferring funds through Paid to Click sources. This means it is against their rules to get paid or to pay for any means of PTC.

Luckily we have found a solution. We are currently providing better alternative payment processors for us to use. These processors we are offering have proven to be reliable and we highly recommend you open accounts (if available for your country) on either of these services.

AlertPay is currently one of our primary payment processors that are PTC-Friendly. The service they offer is exceptional and is highly recommended to use if you want your money to be safe and secured. Unlike PayPal, they have chargeback protection. This means no fraudulent chargebacks can be filed against you. Their customer support is also great unlike PayPal. AlertPay is very much like PayPal. You can withdraw funds via Check, Bank Deposit, or E-Gold! The whole system is very similar to PayPal so you shouldn\'t have a problem finding your way.

E-Gold is another primary payment processor we will be using. Please note that AlertPay accepts E-Gold funds to fund your account and vice versa. This means by registering on both of these sites you will benefit. E-Gold is type of e-currency backed by 100% real gold.

If you are having problems with either of these payment processors, please contact us and we will try our best to help you be able to use these processors. Once again these are highly recommended as PayPal has proven themselves to be reliable.

We are not the only ones who are no longer using PayPal. Many other PTC sites have stopped using PayPal and already using these alternatives. It\'s a smart choice. It\'s a lot more safe and you won\'t need to worry about your funds being restricted or taken away from you because of a poor managed system.

For more information, please refer to the Contact Page.
ProBux : Welcome To ProBux!