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5iveBux Script - PTC Script - Download Miscellaneous


Take the key you get, and place it in the 5ivebux.lic and save the file. Then read the README.html

You will get an email that has a license key under 24 hours
after your payment is received. Without it, you
CANT'T run the script. I have reseller rights, and
I am allowed to sell this product.

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You are buying a 5iveBux PTC Clone Script - One
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Have you ever wanted to create your very own PTC
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5iveBux script and start your very own PTC
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- Preset 1-Year Premium Membership
- Preset Advertisement Packages
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- Premium and Standard Ad Features


We have patched all possible exploits and bugs
that are commonly abused on most bux sites. Some
common fixes are the premium ad exploit which
standard members can use to view premium ads when
they have not been upgraded. These common
exploits can often cause the site owner thousands
of dollars and we are here to ensure you that
these exploits are fixed and patched completely.


This latest version is optimized for the best
performance with PHP 4 and PHP 5 running along
side with mySQL database technology. You will not
see any slow loading pages or slow performance.
Performance for the advertisers and members are
important so that they will always come back to
enjoy earning on your PTC.


When you purchase the script from us you will
receive lifetime support and free updates for the
script. If there is a new known bug or exploit,
report it to us and we will patch it for free and
release a new update. Reports can be made at
5iveBux - Get paid to click (PTC), under there contact system

Attractive Design:

The 5iveBux script comes with a customized
template that you are looking at right now on With this attractive template you
will blow all the other "Bux" sites away.

Fast Virtual Delivery:
We will send you the script instantly after
receiving your payment. The script and authorized
license keywill be sent to you to your payment e-
mail address. Please make sure to check your junk
Have any questions regarding the script? Please
message me, I will be happy to answer any
questions or concerns before your purchase.

Live Demo Site: 5iveBux - Get paid to click (PTC)
All support can be found at
5iveBux - Get paid to click (PTC) under 'Contact'
Also, contact me for extra help

I will give you a speacial key for each script
you buy. The main site has a way of detecting
invalid keys. If you are caught selling this
script, you will face legal action.
I have reseller rights, and a reseller license,
so I have special persmission to sell.