Fanslave is a website where you can make money just by liking Facebook pages and following twitter pages , and you can also get fans for your page with the coins earned ( when you like a page you get coins + money ) , and you can earn more money just by referring and inviting your friends to the site , fan slave has one of the best referral systems which allows you to make more money easily .
*you can win up to 10 cents per one like. depending on your fan rank. also you win a 15% commission of your referrals. all you need is a registered Facebook account with a display picture and some friends.

Registration requirements ..1: you must have all the expense of either Facebook or

Twitter 5 friends or more the more the friends you have

the bigger your fanrank is and get more ads

2: You must upload a profile on each account is necessary

soWhat is meant omitted your Facebook home of the

pictures on your profile

3: Twitter and you can start at any time you like

Registration of the company
Supported banks:
payza & paypal

To join fanslave you have to register a new account by visiting the website (please join my ref link below )
hen login to your account and connect your Facebook account and do the same to your twitter account.

after adding Facebook account the new pages will appear

very important right click and open in new tap then press like button at each one of them. after liking the pages you click on the update button (1) to save your work to refresh the page to see new pages press (2)


1-use check for change add on in firefox to refresh the page every 30 secs to notify you with new ads

2-use proxy program usa ip to get high credits ads and best of them hotspot sheild

3-must have minimum 700 friends on your facebook so your fanrank become 10 and to get many ads

4-the ads is reycled daily 12 am (GMT+2) and best time to find a lot of ads