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Welcome to the pages of a new investment project, which is based on a pure ponzi scheme. You have certainly come across many investment funds (but most of they are just hidden Ponzi scheme), which appeared very professional, or you just thought they would last for some time and you will earn at least a little profit. But then that day came and you never saw even a cent from the money you had invested. Why should you give money to somewhere, where you do not know, when the project will stop paying? Allow us to introduce to you a new way of investing, in which everyone knows, how he or she is doing and whether he or she will earn some profit or suffer a little loss. We plan to start a new investment round each week, which means that if you had a loss, but you will be on the right place at the right time, your loss will turn out into a nice profit, and those who will suffer a loss, will always have another opportunity next time.

Plan 1 - 8% hourly for 24h
Min 1$ Max 25$
Plan 2 - 9% hourly for 24h
Min 26$ Max 150$
Plan 3 - 10% hourly for 24h
Min 151$ Max 750$

Accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money

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