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    Default New Private Placement Programs -

    Exclusive Private Placement Programs - Private Placement Financing, Capital Enhancement, Tier 1 Capital, Tier 1 Financing and Wealth Management Solutions

    Completely Secure - Funds Never Leave Investor's Account are proud to offer exclusive, secure and specialized Private Placement Programs. With entry by invitation only, we can offer through our private investor networks the most secure and best performing Private Placement Programs and Private Placement Financing available. If you are seeking the very best Capital Enhancement Services, our Private Placements generate high yield returns from the world's top banks and private investors through private platforms. Exclusive entry can be gained with as little as $2M.

    We also have specialist private investors who are leaders in Leased Funds and Leased Bank Instruments. Leased Funds and Leased Instruments are attractive alternatives for investors and our exclusive relationship with our private investors allows you to take advantage of this through our capital enhancement services programs.

    The following are eligible for blocking of funds arrangement under our programs:

    * Cash Deposits (US Dollars & Euros)
    * Certificates of Deposits
    * Commodities -Oil, Natural Gas, Precious Gems, Diamonds, Platinum etc.
    * Bank Guarantees issued by top international banks
    * Medium Term Notes (MTN)
    * Gold Certificates of Deposit
    * Stand-by Letter of Credit issued by top international banks
    * Treasury Bonds

    Highly respected wealth managers, Sky Capital Solutions are industry leaders in state-of-the-art capital enhancement, wealth management and alternative finance structures and their shared network benefits from relationships with the top 25 world banks, private trusts, hedge funds and an exclusive access to premier private investor networks. Specialists in capital enhancement, economic stimulus packages and wealth management, Sky Capital Soultions offer the very best range of private placement packages in their role as wealth managers. Should you be seeking to enjoy the very best profits on your investment or simply would like to know what are private placement programs, take advantage of Sky Capital Solutions trade groups who boast a combined PPTP experience of over 70+ years and offices in USA and across Europe, together with priviliged affiliations with the top 5 world bank platorms and foundations.

    Click Here to visit our Private Placement Programs
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    Seems like a good program.

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