88 Asia Travel on PRE LAUNCH!!!

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88 Asia Travel is a new travel rewards company specializing in the booming Asia Travel industry. With marketing offices in San Francisco, California this opportunnity is poised to capitalize on the ever growing Asian population.


As a member, your annual cost of only $100 (plus $38 processing) will give you the lowest advertised price on pre selected Asia travel packages through our exclusive Travel Agency providing our branded Chinatown Rates for all members.

You will also receive 8% travel rewards back on each trip taken through our membership which could provide you the opportunity to TRAVEL FREE! Once your virtual travel reward account equals the cost of a listed upcoming travel package you can CASH IN the full balance for the entire cost of the package
making your TRAVEL FREE! Receive the lowest advertised price in the marketplace AND Travel Rewards opportunity for FREE TRAVEL to Asia and beyond!


As an independent rep, you will be placed into our FAST MOVING 2X2 ASIA UNLIMITED MATRIX that is taking the industry by storm. It starts with you at the TOP, you have just 2 on your 1st level and 4 on your 2nd level for a total of just 6 in your group creating a cycle that pays Cash Commissions DAILY plus Automatic Follow Your Sponsor FREE Reentries making this a perpetual money making machine!

When you cycle through each Phase you will automatically reenter back in that phase and simultaneously move onto the NEXT Phase with each Phase Payout Doubling from $100 to $200 to $400 to $800 to $1600, etc. And remember this goes on to UNLIMITED Phases! Itís Progressive and Perpetual! Thatís the Power of the 2x2 ASIA UNLIMITED MATRIX! There are even 100% MATCHING BONUSES paid on each person whether you personally sponsored them or not when they cycle in every Matrix that you start beginning with your 2nd cycle in each Phase! There are NO limits to how many times that you can cycle and earn Matching Bonuses in any Phase. Your income is truly UNLIMITED and all commissions are PAID THE NEXT DAY!!!!


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