Pre Launching of new new program MMO 2013

Important Information About The New iLiving App Money Making Project!
How would you like to be part of the iLiving App team, something very special and new for 2013?
This is a very Ethical and UNIQUE SYSTEM that will enable you to easily earn and sustain an ever increasing monthly residual income. We promise that you have never seen anything like this so please keep reading. This message is directed to team leaders, newbies, people who are tired of losing money online and any & everyone who is serious about creating an ever increasing source of monthly residual income online.

Are you happy joining program after program only to have them fail causing you to have to start all over again…..Or would you like to find something solid that you can dedicate your time and effort to in order to build your online income month after month ?
The problem is that many people cannot recruit and even those who can recruit find that their personal recruits cannot duplicate their efforts so they ultimately fail in their program of choice.
This is a special invitation to join me in a very special project that I am a part of which addresses these specific problems and has created a system, like no other, to ensure that we can overcome these very problems and start earning a stable monthly online income. This Project will not be released for another couple of weeks but you can get in early on this before the masses. It is only going to be about $10 per month to be a member.

If you interestedto become iLA affiliate or retailcustomer , you must have a credit or debit card for montlhy membership payment

There are three packages for this program :-

iLA Free Enrollment - $0.00
The free enrollment will allow you to enjoy our weekly video content, but it is limited in that you will not have access to the archived library of video content,

ilA Retail Customer - $6.95
Includes Delivery of the weekly video content
Access to the video archive.
Does not include a personal website or the ability to earn from the matrix program.

iLA Affliate - $9.95
● The weekly iLA video content
● Access to the iLA archive
● A personal website to refer others to iLA
● The opportunity to participate in the iLA Matrix referral program