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    Learn The Trends Of Mobile Apps

    In the past few years, technology has grown drastically, especially in the mobile applications

    sector. Mobile applications on popular platforms like IOS, Android and Windows have

    had their fair share of struggle; trying to beat their competitors and grab a share of the

    market. Google, Apple and Microsoft have maintained the battle for the best application

    development. There is no doubt that native application technology is a big phenomenon that

    cannot be wished away, largely due to its efficiency and suitability to specific platforms for

    which the apps are built.

    Native applications have the capacity to leverage specific operating systems because they

    tend to look and feel smoother and more polished. However, the major players in the mobile

    apps seem to be engrossed in the fight while forgetting that this industry is no longer about

    which platform users are operating on. Instead, it is all about creating the capacities for

    users to enjoy what their counterparts on other platforms are enjoying without necessary

    switching to a different OS platform. Recently, smartphone mobile technology has become

    more affordable, meaning that lower income users can buy them, therefore adding to the

    market share of those with access to the internet through mobile technology. The number of

    people who prefer using web mobile applications compared to native versions has also grown

    because it eliminates platform restriction.

    Web-based application is the latest trend in mobile app technology. This is mainly because

    the quality of native apps is not comparable to web apps. As mentioned before, technology

    is evolving at a high speed and the same case applies to web technology. Gone are the days

    when users were worried about the size of the web pages they were loading. Mobile hardware

    is becoming more efficient and less costly while web technology like HTML and CSS is

    growing tremendously. App developers who shift to web application will succeed in the

    market regardless of what platforms the users are on and the levels of competition that they

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