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Why Advertise with MoneyFanClub?

What We Aim For

While fills many functions for our members and visitors, our main aim is simple: to provide a meeting point for the countless money making fans who roam the internet, regardless of their niche of choice. We provide a place to learn about, discuss and share experiences on the fine art of money making for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Forex and Stock traders, Affiliate aficionados, E-commerce revolutionaries, manic Marketers and anyone with a passion for money. It is with these persons in mind that we are extending our Internet presence, and now boast not only a forum which attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis, but also a new and constantly evolving money making portal which will be taking shape of the coming months.

The portal will serve as a channel through which we can share money making information, guides, links, news and more with new and returning visitors. The forum remains our main function, serving as a well established attraction point and popular discussion medium for our target market; having done so since 2007, it offers not only visitors but also an astounding amount of expertise to the newly launched portal, which is set to take off at rocket speed.

What We Are

Setting out a list of targets, goals and intentions is important, but from an advertisers point of view what is more interesting is whether or not these goals have been, and continuously are, achieved. What will interest you, as a potential advertiser, is on what basis we can provide the exposure you are looking for – what sets us apart.

Here is what we, MoneyFanClub, are:

• One of the fastest growing online money making communities.
• A popular destination for thousands of unique daily visitors, which leads to;
• High page views every single day.
• Home to some 40,000+ members, achieved in a mere three years.
• Diverse – our members belong to a wide range of niches, such as Forex, Affiliate/Internet Marketing, SEO, E-commerce, Investments and more.
• Proud to have achieved an Alexa ranking of 20k.
• Highly positioned in all search engines, with high organic traffic – a lot of which stems from;
• USA, Europe and Asia.

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What We Offer

The above are some of the things we are, and that have achieved. Thanks to these achievements we can offer highly targeted advertising, within our represented niches, to an astounding volume of visitors – every single day. The ways in which our advertisers benefit from these facts are many, yet we constantly strive to provide ever-increasing value and exposure.

Some of the benefits that our advertisers enjoy include:

• High levels of exposure every day – thousands of unique impressions, millions of views and perfectly targeted traffic.
• Our high levels organic traffic ensures that our advertisers receive views not only from our loyal members, but also from thousands of new, unique, visitors every day.
• As a part of our overall strategy, we are engaged in heavy promotion of our MoneyFanClub, which again brings in more visitors – and hence more impressions, which benefits our sponsor greatly.
• Within the next few months, we will engage in further marketing through social media in order to increase our community size – once again leading to more impressions.

As if that wasn’t enough, we offer incredibly competitive rates to our advertisers, along with highly flexible advertising plans. In fact, we are so committed to providing outstanding value for our clients that we offer 1 week test periods, rather than the industry standard of a full month, as an effort to ensure that our advertisers are pleased with the results of their marketing efforts. On top of that, we provide fast and reliable support to all and any advertisers should they have any queries, problems or requests.

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