white lable account (50% profits of all players in the casino) is for sale.

This is the most popular e-currency casino that is serving players with instant payouts since 2006.

With 50% of profits from all casino players you get a working support and have no other worries then to continue promoting the already popular casino.

The White Lable contract is sold by the company that owns the software so you have nothing to worry about any fraud.

Once again, you will not own this casino, this is a White Lable contract that costs you $50 000 one time payment and you are ready collect profits for the years to come and increase them the way you want.

Incomming money to White Label contractor since 1.1.2011 is $72000... so roughly $25000 a year for the last 3 years.

The price is setup by the rule "2 years income".

For all additional info please email [email protected] .

Thank you!