Guys; If you go to the below link you can have 20 articles for 0.30 to 0.40 each about your website! Or have followers or just gain cheap SEO Traffic! This website is a little jobs Exchange.

For Example; You can ask such job -Write an article about -Post this to Pr3 blog page In the end of the job posting there is a proof TAB. So u can ask worker to send you the link to the blog post. And this will cost 0.30 to 0.40 per article!

But how this system works?

-Register to the website on

-Then click on the deposit you have to deposit some money via paypal! 5$ 10$ 20$ anything u like!

-Click on Start a new Campaign! Select campaign targeting

1. USA Workers - Starting from $0.35 per task

2. International Workers Starting from $0.10 per task On this section u select the region of the world that will going to do your job. USA is good for SEO. International is good for other jobs(USA is not included in international)

Category for your campaign:

This is the place that u categorize your campaign. You can use the preselected prices per worker... More money attract more worker

This task takes less than : This is the place that u'll set the predetermined time to finish the job per worker... Lower times will attract more workers of course

Worker will earn: How many workers u need on your job! Example if u need 100 followers on Facebook this must be 100... Title of the campaign in details Title of your campaign :)

What is needed to be done:

Example: What is needed to be done

1.Just visit

2.Explore the website

3.Write an 50 word positive article about it that including the domain and post it to your blog! etc.

Required proof that task was finished?

Example; 1.Link to the blog page that it's submitted

The Job type and the scenerios is just limited to your imagination... Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Uploading, Downloading, CPA, Clicking banners etc..