It is simple, once you join (for just $5.00) you will earn $1.00 for each person that you refer to the program. You will also earn money for each person placed in your downline, and more money members in your downline's downline etc. 10 levels deep!

What makes our program special is you will STILL EARN even if you never refer a single person to the program! This is because referrals are randomly placed. When a new member joins a site his/her referer is paid 1.00 (as a 'finders fee') - but then the new member is placed in ANYONE's downline (maybe YOURS!) and their new upline all earn cash!

Matrix Earnings

1 2 $1 $2
2 4 $1 $4
3 8 $1.50 $12
4 16 $1.50 $24
5 32 $1.50 $48
6 64 $1.50 $96
7 128 $2 $256
8 256 $2 $512
9 512 $2 $1024
10 1024 $2 $2048
Total earnings: $4026 PER cycle + $1.00 per member you personally refer!


Unlimited, lifetime advertising
Every member can submit one 468x60 banner. This banner will rotate on all pages, forever. You will receive tens of thousands of banner impressions!

You will also get a free PRO membership at Top PTR and Top Linx, which entitles you to free banner advertising and free unique visitors to your site, every month, forever.

Our member area has 12 cool and valuable downloads. E-books, web scripts, tools and more.
All the downloads come with full resale rights and can be sold for much more than you pay to join Power Matrix!

Power Matrix