Sidetick is a social community site that basically pays you to be social,talk with people and stuff like that.Not only that but everything you click on the site gives you a point. You are also able to get Premium/High Quality Proxy Lists, UPDATED DAILY!!!

Here's how you can earn points on sidetick

2000 points=1$
1000 points=50 cents

Even if you don't refer any friends you can make a minimum of 15$ per month by doing 2 very very simple things (when you join there will also be a video tutorial showing you how to earn a minimum of 50 cents per day/15$ per month.)

You can get 50 cents per day just by looking at your daily sidetick message which is in your inbox on sidetick and then posting a message in the daily tickbuck topic.

The best thing about this site is that it you don't need to do offers or suveys to make money your making money by spending absolutely nothing and it's very very easy.

The best way to make money on this site though is the referral system which is very good.You get 1$ per ref and 25 cents per ref your ref brings!And check your sidetick inbox everyday and post in the daily tickbuck topic.

Payment Proof: