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    Question How does this site get TOP #1 on Google search engine results?

    Hello Guys,

    Today I do some researches on Google to find an internet marketing forum to promote my ebooks and I used the same keyword to find one and pretty strange when this site "Webmaster Sun" is getting top #1 on Google and I have a look on their site, they just have 9, 099 posts while other forums are bigger and having millions of posts.

    I have captured a screenshot from Google

    Can you guys please show me an analytic on SEO aspects about this site, what techniques are they applying for their site to get better rankings so that I can apply for my blogs.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think it has 2 factors that get the top #1. That is the title & description all have the exact keyword "internet marketing forum". Others don't have or just have in title or description and the each word in keyword does not in order exactly with your keyword. Hope this helps
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