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    Default Help with payment process ReadMe info

    I'm installing Amazon Simple Pay (like paypal) and I need some help with the instructions that read:
    "A customer clicks on your Amazon SimplePay button
    The customer is redirected to the co-branded user interface pipeline where they enter their payment credentials.
    After the customer completes the pipeline they are redirected back to your website.
    When the transaction completes, Amazon SimplePay will send an Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to your IPN script.
    The IPN script receives data in the $_POST variable.
    Use the SimplePay_IPN class to validate the IPN and then take the appropriate action."

    			require 'SimplePay_IPN.php';
    						// Create a new SimplePay IPN validator, passing your *** Secret Access Key
    			$SimplePayIPN = new SimplePay_IPN(***_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY);
    			 * Pass the $_POST variables to the IPN validator
    			 * $SimplePayIPN->isValid($_POST) will return true if the POST fields match up with the signature from Amazon SimplePay
    			 * $SimplePayIPN->isValid($_POST) will return false if the generated signature does not match
    			if ($SimplePayIPN->isValid($_POST)) {
    				// The POST signature is valid
    				// Process the IPN -- log the data, update your database, etc...
    			} else {
    				// The POST signature is not valid
    				// Log the invalid IPN and take any needed actions
    The part I'm interested in getting help with is the part about logging. Can you give some ideas about the logging? Their is a log.txt file with the install files, but I don't see any data after I process a payment. Any guesses about where the transaction data might be logged would be helpful. I'd ultimately like to see the transaction data retreived into a website file.

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    I use this class: PHP Paypal IPN Integration Class

    And everytime there's communications between my script and paypal, it's logged in the log.txt whether it's a successful transaction or failure.

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    What payment system you need ?
    The payment system's website should have some Guide about this.

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